Release Notes 1.6.4

Release Date: June 07, 2023

Key Features in This Release:

  • Instnt Verify: Instnt Verify as an optional feature within the workflow functionality. Now you can easily incorporate Instnt Verify into your workflows for seamless identity verification. For more information, see Instnt Verify
  • Enhanced Workflow Experience: We have updated the workflow images and content to improve user experience. These improvements will help streamline your workflow management and enhance overall efficiency.

Bug Fixes:

  • Workflow Title Display: We have resolved an issue that caused workflow titles to not display correctly. You can now view and manage your workflows with accurate titles, ensuring clarity and organization.
  • Transaction Reason Codes: We have addressed a bug that affected transaction reason codes. With this fix, transaction reason codes will function properly, allowing for accurate tracking and analysis of transaction details.

Note: Instnt APIs are upgraded or reorganized periodically. For more information, see Deprecated APIs

See Instnt Docs Here | See Instnt API Docs Here