Instnt Analytics

With its intuitive visualizations and customizable reporting options, the Analytics page empowers users to make data-driven decisions and optimize workflows for better outcomes. It provides valuable information for assessing performance, pinpointing areas that require improvement, and ultimately enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of workflows.

How to View Instnt Analytics

  1. Go to Instnt dashboard and click "Sign In".
  2. From the sidebar, click "Analytics"
  3. Select "Workflow".
  4. Select "Timeframe".


Instnt analytics map overview provides a visual representation of workflow data insights and patterns, enabling users to easily understand and analyze information for improved decision-making.



Map analytics provides a powerful capability to compare and contrast analytics from diverse regions, empowering users to discern regional variations, trends, and patterns, ultimately enhancing decision-making precision and facilitating strategic planning.


Decisions section presents in-depth analytics, capturing the complete tally of decisions made, including the number of users accepted, rejected, or in need of review, enabling valuable insights to evaluate and assess decision outcomes effectively.


KYC section offers analytics that encompass the total number of matches made, providing insights into the count of users with no match and potential match, facilitating efficient monitoring and assessment of the KYC process.

Document Verification

Document verification section provides analytics on the total number of document verifications performed, offering detailed metrics on the count of users with verified, failed, and recaptured IDs, enabling accurate monitoring and evaluation of the verification process.

Detailed View

Detailed view tab presents an overview of charts for Decisions, KYC, Document Verifications, and Workflows, delivering detailed insights and analytics for each category.



Decisions detailed view offers a summary of user decisions, providing a detailed count of acceptances, rejections, and reviews. Additionally, a chart visualizes the trends and patterns of decision types over time.


KYC's detailed view provides a summary of user matches, featuring the overall count of no matches, potential matches, and total matches. Additionally, a chart to compare the types of match results over time.

Document Verification

Document verification's detailed view showcases the total count of users with failed verifications, recaptured IDs, expired IDs, suspected fraud, verified documents, and the overall count of documents verified. Additionally, a chart with the comparison of document verification results over time, providing insights into the trends and patterns of verification outcomes.


Workflow's detailed view presents an inclusive summary of user workflows, encompassing the total count of users with default workflows, registered users, and the overall count of user workflows. Additionally, a dynamic chart enables users to compare and analyze different workflow types over time, leading to valuable insights into workflow patterns and emerging trends.