Release Notes 1.6.6

Release Date: July 6, 2023


Key Features Of This Release:

  • Enhanced reason code descriptions for Date of Birth Verification, including the addition of a new reason code for Address Verification and Phone Verification, as well as an updated reason code for Social Media Verification.
  • New Export Transaction feature in the Instnt Dashboard, allowing users to easily export transaction data for further analysis and reporting, providing enhanced visibility, improved auditing capabilities, and streamlined record-keeping processes.
  • New Instnt Analytics feature, equipped with intuitive visualizations and customizable reporting options, enabling users to harness the power of data-driven decision-making, optimize workflows, and drive better outcomes.
  • New Instnt JS ID Metric version 4.8.2 and the all-new Instnt Angular SDK. 

Note: Instnt APIs are upgraded or reorganized periodically. For more information, see Deprecated APIs

Bug Fixes:

None at this time.

Known Issues:

No known issues at this time.

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