How to access Instnt API secure endpoints

To access the secure endpoints of the Instnt API, please follow the steps listed below. Here, we have provided an example of how to access transaction details after a transaction is completed.

Step 1: Use the /auth/login API and provide the credentials (username and password) for the admin account that owns the workflow.

From the response of the call above, retrieve the "access_token" to subsequently access any secure Instnt APIs.

The validity of the token (in seconds) is indicated in the "expires_in" field of the response. It is the responsibility of the caller to re-authenticate before the token expires.

Reference: Instnt API


  • Step 2: Utilize the GET /secure/transactions/{transaction_id} endpoint to retrieve the transaction details.

    Pass the access_token obtained in Step 1 as an Authorization Bearer token (set within the authorization header when programmatically accessing).

    Reference: Instnt API