Effortless and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

Utilize the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to securely send or receive large amounts of data to and from the Instnt SFTP server.

How to Connect with SFTP:

If you require assistance in determining how to securely send or receive large amounts of data to and from Instnt, please feel free to reach out to our sales@instnt.org or engineering@instnt.org teams. 

Requesting Access: 

  1. To request access, kindly send an email to devops@instnt.org describing your use case and company name. Additionally, make sure to CC any Instnt contact member you may have previously been in touch with.
  2. If you prefer to create and manage your own keypair, you will need to securely send the public key using an email encryption extension such as Virtru
  3. Instnt will then review the request and generate an SSH keypair for you to establish a connection. An encrypted email will provide the private key along with instructions on how to connect to Instnt via SFTP.


Utilize an SFTP client of your preference to establish a connection and upload or download files. Should you require assistance at any point during this process, do not hesitate to contact devops@instnt.org.

Note: Company files will be stored in an encrypted directory with only one user access, which will be <customer_name>@instnt.org. If you wish to separate access for your company, please get in touch with devops@instnt.org.