Field Data Dictionary

The following table necessary terms for integrations where your server-side POSTs to the workflow submission API end-point for workflow processing.

No. Field Name Field Label Input Type Field Size Required Input Name Example
1 email Email Address EMAIL 50 Y email
2 firstName First Name TEXT 50 Y firstName Joe
3 surName Surname TEXT 50 Y surName Doe
4 country Country TEXT 50 N country USA
5 physicalAddress Street Address TEXT 50 N physicalAddress 1 Main St
6 city City TEXT 50 N city New York
7 state  State TEXT 50 state  NY
8 zip  Zip Code  TEXT  50 N zip  V5H2E4
9 mobileNumber Mobile Number TEXT  15  mobileNumber +15551231234 
10 nationalId Social Security No TEXT  50  nationalId  123-45-6789 or 6789
11  companyName  Company Name  TEXT  50 N companyName Acme Inc.
12 userId  Username  TEXT  50 N userId JohnDoe
13  dob Date Of Birth DATE YYYY-MM-DD N dob 1981-11-01
14  orderAmount Order Amount  NUMBER 15   N orderAmount   $100
15 accountCreationDate Account Creation Date  DATE  YYYY-MM-DD  accountCreationDate  2020-11-01 
16  submissionDate  Submission Date  DATE  YYYY-MM-DD  submissionDate  2020-11-01 
17  prevOrderCount  Previous Order Count  NUMBER  15  prevOrderCount  100 
18  lastOrderDate  LastOrder Date  DATE  YYYY-MM-DD  lastOrderDate  2020-11-01
19  terms_condition  I accept terms and condition  CHECKBOX   1 terms_condition  Unchecked 
20 documentFrontImage  Front Image  BLOB   documentFrontImage  Base64 Encoded Image 
21 documentBackImage  Back Image  BLOB    N documentBackImage  Base64 Encoded Image 
22 documentIssuedDate Issued Date DATE YYYY-MM-DD  N documentIssuedDate 2020-11-01
23 documentExpiresDate Expiration Date DATE YYYY-MM-DD  N documentExpiresDate 2022-12-20
24 selfieImage Selfie Image  BLOB    N selfieImage  Base64 Encoded Image 
25 phoneOTP Phone OTP  TEXT   15 N phoneOTP  12345678 
26 emailOTP Email OTP TEXT   15 emailOTP  12345678 
27 fingerprint Device Fingerprint TEXT   15 fingerprint  A123B234D23567 
28 userBiometrics User Biometrics TEXT   15 userbiometrics Z123Y234X23567 
29 ipAddress IP Address IPAddress   30 ipAddress 
30 client_referer_url Client URL Web Address   N client_referer_url ""
31 client_referer_host Client URL Web Address   N client_referer_host ""
32 correlations Correlations TEXT   Y correlations  A set of scores ranging from 0 to 100 reflecting the combinatory information correlations among Name, Address, Phone and Email entities based on the pairwise vendor similarities.

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