Release Notes v1.0.5

The following table lists the updates and fixes to Instnt's platform:


Release Date



September 21st, 2020

  • Instnt fraud model updated with an optimized decision making flow
  • Bugfixes for OTP and new features

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Revision 1.0.5 Overview

This set of release notes covers the implementation of Instnt's 1.0.5 platform.  

Added Updates

  • OTP now sends out a message informing a user to re-send their OTP code using the form provided. This can occur due to the timed expiration of the OTP code.

  • Instnt's fraud model has been updated with an optimized decisionmaking workflow.


  • Terms and Conditions acceptance has been removed entirely and is no longer required when registering.

  • The form generator no longer rejects URLs containing "https" in all caps.

  • 2nd form submission no longer disables OTP functionality.

Known Issues

  • Form codes may not render after a user has completed the form creation process. The rendered form may only partially appear with the submit button and Instnt logo after completion.

  • After dragging all available fields during form creation to the form on the left side, users are not able to move any of them back. The form must be deleted if it has been already made/saved.