Instnt Accept™ Integration Process

Welcome to the integration guide for the end-user sign-up flow with Instnt Accept™. This comprehensive guide will assist you in seamlessly integrating the sign-up flow using the options provided: various appropriate SDKs depending on your requirements.

To ensure a smooth integration experience, we recommend utilizing the appropriate SDK of your preference as it simplifies the process by handling the API calls internally. An SDK, or Software Development Kit, is a set of tools, libraries, and documentation that simplifies the process of interacting with a particular service or API. It handles the underlying complexities of making API calls, allowing you to focus on integrating the functionality into your application. Detailed documentation for each appropriate SDK is available in the GitHub repository's Readme files.

Choose from the following appropriate SDKs, each accompanied by its respective usage documentation available in the GitHub repository:

Select the appropriate SDK that best suits your development environment and preferences to proceed with the integration process.


Before proceeding with the integration process, please ensure that you have completed the following prerequisites:

  1. Sign up for an Instnt dashboard account and create a workflow tailored to your specific customer onboarding requirements. The Quick Start Guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up your workflow and configure the desired verifications.
  2. Once you have created the workflow in the Instnt dashboard, you will be assigned a Workflow ID. This ID is crucial for the integration as it needs to be included in multiple API calls. We recommend storing this Workflow ID in a readily accessible location for easy reference

By fulfilling these prerequisites, you will be ready to integrate the end-user sign-up flow with Instnt Accept.

Note: please note that the form_key refers in many of the appropriate SDK function documentation same as the ID of the Workflow that you created in the Instnt dashboard. 

Integration Steps

To integrate the customer sign-up process, you'll need invoke the relevant function of the appropriate SDKs function based on the specific features required for your workflow in the Instnt Dashboard. The core integration consists of the following two steps. 

1. Begin Transaction

The first step in integrating the sign-up process is to create a transaction and obtain an Instnt transaction ID (instnttxnid). This transaction ID serves as a correlation ID throughout the entire sign-up session. For any subsequent invocation of the Instnt API for the same sign-up session, you need to include this Instnt transaction ID (instnttxnid)

2. Submit Transaction

The next step in the sign-up process is to submit the user information. At this step, a final decision to accept, review, or reject will be returned based on the submitted user information. Use the appropriate SDK function to submit the appropriate user information.

Check Transaction Status

At any point after beginning a transaction, you can check the status of the transaction by invoking the appropriate SDK function

Retrieving Transaction Details/Assertion

To access and review the completed transactions, you can log into the Instnt dashboard and navigate to the "Transactions" section. For more details, please refer to the Transaction Review Guide.

To access completed transactions through the Instnt API, you can utilize one of the following approaches:

Document Verification

Document verification is a feature available for customer onboarding workflows that require document verification and have enabled the Document Verification option in the Business Rules Configuration section of the Instnt Dashboard. For detailed information, please refer to the Document Verification documentation.

The next step in the sign-up flow is to upload and verify the necessary government-issued identification documents such as driver's licenses, passports, and more.

When using our service, document uploading follows a multi-step process. If you are utilizing our appropriate SDK, please refer to the appropriate SDK function documentation for integrating document verification into your sign-up form.

For integration, the first step is to initialize the camera to capture each document image, including the front and back of the driver's license. The same initialization process can also capture the selfie image. It is important to note that the service needs to be invoked for each document. On the other hand, our appropriate SDK provides a single wrapper function that covers both invocations.

Here is the step-by-step process for document verification:

Step 1: Use the obtained pre-signed URL to upload the document in a base64 encoded format, using the appropriate SDK function for each document upload. This step needs to be indicated for each document upload.

Step 2: Once all the required documents are uploaded, initiate the Document Verification process by invoking the appropriate SDK function.

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate document verification into your customer sign-up workflow.

One Time Password (OTP) Request and Verification

If your customer onboarding workflows require OTP verification, you can enable OTP request and verification features by accessing the "Business Rules Configuration" section in the Instnt Dashboard. Once enabled, the OTP request and verification are the next steps in your end-user sign-up flow.

Step 1: To initiate an OTP request, call the appropriate SDK.

The request format for the request is as listed:

  "phoneNumber" : "+150849489",   
"isVerify": false

Step 2: To initiate a verified OTP request, call the appropriate SDK.

The request format for the request is as listed:

  "phoneNumber" : "+15084948925", 
"otpCode" : "607766",  
"isVerify": true