Transaction Review Guide

Instnt provides a continuous identity assurance solution enabling businesses to verify transactions from authorized account owners. The transaction review dashboard is automated to authenticate transactions and additional tailored information for transaction reviews. You can file fraud claims, review transactions, and override decisions from the dashboard. For more information on how to file a claims, see Transaction Review Claims

How to review transactions

Transaction review pane previews user transactions with details on all the collected data showcased in each tab and the attributes processed for the final decision.

  1. Go to Instnt dashboard. Sign In with your credentials.
  2. Go to Transactions. A list of all transactions appears with options to File claims, Overwrite, and Review decisions depending on Instnt decision. Action is available for accepted transactions only. For more information, see Transaction Review Claims.
  3. To view transactions that are in review status, toggle the Review Only button.

To view transaction details, select a transaction. By default,  a preview pane with a Justification Summary tab opens. 


Justification summary

Justification Summary tab previews a list of positive, negative, and neutral insights into the decision made by Instnt. 


Reason codes give insight into what information provided by the user matched against the data compared. These reasons are accounted for when deciding to authenticate a user profile. You have the option to investigate the decision made. For more information, see Reason Code Glossary.

Know your customer (KYC)

KYC tab previews details of all checks performed on a user and the outcomes. Bar graphs show the strength of correlations for different subsets of features. This information is essential for compliance to ensure that all regulatory requirements meet.


How to view match details

To view user match details, click the KYC tab. Examples of match details include Match Status, Search Terms, Total Matches, Match Confidence, Matched Name, Matched Types Details, and Matched Watchlist Types.



Documents tab previews images of documents captured and submitted by the user. The document submission feature authenticates documents through material checks and cross-validation of front and back data via OCR and barcode scanning. This documentation is beneficial in recreating the user profile within the fraud detection engine and ultimately making decisions. 


Devices tab previews the device type and geolocation data imprinted by the user. These descriptors include device fingerprint, browser name and version, and operating system.



Biometrics tab provides a solid form of authentication and identifies fraudsters. Instnt SDKs capture behavioral biometric markers passively in the background during interaction with your application. 


This technology filters bot behavior and verifies user identity. Instnt analyzes thousands of interactions per session to distinguish between genuine users, bots, and fraudsters. Behavioral biometrics identifies patterns that make a user unique.


Cohorts tab contains velocity metrics that track reused identity components, devices, and IP addresses across the Instnt system. 


These metrics alert the Instnt decision engine about distributed and coordinated attempts to onboard using compromised or synthetic identities.


Models tab previews the aggregate decision with the total score produced to determine the risks. Models decision status includes Accepted, Rejected, or Manual review. Model decision scores range from 0 to 1. A higher score suggests user fraudulence, and a lower score implies user legitimacy due to the number of connecting data points.


Review a decision

Decision review comes into play only when a transaction is processed. Instnt provides a decision to Review and accept or reject users and transactions.

Approve a decision

To approve a decision:

  1. Sign in Instnt dashboard and click the transactions in Review status.
  2. Enter the details regarding the approval decision and click Approve to accept applicants or transactions.


Reject a decision 

To reject a decision:

  1. Sign in Instnt dashboard and click the transactions in Review status.
  2. Enter the details regarding the reject decision and click Reject to accept applicants or transactions.



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