Transaction Review Guide

Instnt provides businesses with a continuous identity assurance solution that verifies transactions from authorized account owners. The automated transaction review dashboard offers tailored information for transaction reviews and enables businesses to file fraud claims, review transactions, and override decisions. For more information on how to file transaction review claims, see the Transaction Review Claims guide.

How to review transactions

Transaction review pane provides a preview of user transactions, showcasing details of all the collected data in each tab and highlighting the attributes that were considered in the final decision-making process.

  1. Sign in to the Instnt dashboard using your credentials.
  2. Go to the Transactions section.
  3. A list of transactions will appear, with options to file claims, override decisions, or review them based on Instnt's decision. Note that these actions are only available for accepted transactions. For more information, see Transaction Review Claims guide.
  4. To view transactions that are under review, toggle the Review Only button.
  5. To access transaction details, select a transaction. The Justification Summary tab will open in a preview pane by default.


Justification summary

Justification Summary provides a detailed overview of positive, negative, and neutral insights regarding Instnt's decision. Reason codes are also included, offering further insight into how the user's information was compared to other data. These codes play a significant role in the authentication process for user profiles. Furthermore, you can explore the decision further by referring to the Reason Code Glossary.


Know your customer (KYC)

KYC provides a comprehensive summary of all the user checks performed and their outcomes, including matches found in various searches such as Sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Adverse Media, watchlists, Fitness, and Probity. The matches are listed first before displaying bar graphs that depict the correlation strength among different subsets of features. This information is critical in upholding compliance with regulatory standards and ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to meet those standards.


How to view match details

To view the match details for a user, you can simply tap on the KYC tab. The information displayed can include various data points such as the Match Status, Search Terms, Total Matches, Match Confidence, Matched Name, Matched Types Details, and Matched Watchlist Types.



Documents displays preview images of user-submitted documents, which can have different outcomes such as verified, unsupported ID, expired, or requiring recapture. The document submission feature validates documents through material checks and cross-validation of front and back data via OCR and barcode scanning. This documentation is essential in reconstructing the user profile within the fraud detection engine and making informed decisions.


Devices showcases device information, including the device type, browser name and version, operating system, and geolocation data. This information is utilized to create a device fingerprint that detects any anomalies and to determine the device's location during the transaction. The combined information is crucial in preventing fraudulent and suspicious activities.



Biometrics captures unique characteristics of an individual, including typing speed, mouse movements, and swipe patterns, during their interactions with your application. By passively analyzing these markers, the feature filters bot behavior, verifies user identity, and distinguishes between genuine users, bots, and fraudsters to prevent fraudulent activities. This feature also enhances the user experience by eliminating the need for additional authentication steps.



Velocity tracks the reuse of identity components, devices, and IP addresses across transactions, helping to detect patterns that indicate coordinated attempts to onboard using compromised or synthetic identities. Instnt's decision engine continuously analyzes these velocity metrics to take appropriate actions to prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure onboarding process and protecting businesses from potential losses due to fraud.




Models displays the aggregate decision and total score to determine risks. The decision status can be Accepted, Rejected, or under Manual Review. Model decision scores range from 0 to 1 and a higher score suggests a higher likelihood of user fraudulence, while a lower score indicates user legitimacy based on the number of connecting data points analyzed.



Once a user completes the onboarding process and Instnt verifies their Identity/KYC checks, Instnt Verify offers a robust solution to ensure the continuity of user identity and prevent account takeovers. By integrating the Instnt Verify SDK into your application, you gain powerful capabilities to monitor user activity, conduct behavior audits, and track factors such as devices and location. These insights are compared against the baseline established by Instnt Accept, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation.

The verifications tab provides essential details, including timestamps, identified risks, verification outcomes, and reason codes. If any risks are detected, out-of-band challenges can be issued to reassert the user's identity. This proactive approach enhances security measures and effectively safeguards user accounts.


Review a decision

When a transaction is processed, Instnt's decision review feature provides the option to either review, accept or reject users and transactions. This feature ensures that every transaction is thoroughly evaluated and flagged for review if necessary, helping to prevent fraudulent activities and maintain a secure environment for businesses and users.

Approve a decision

To approve a decision: 

  1. Sign in to the Instnt dashboard and go to the "Transactions in Review" status tab.
  2. Enter the necessary details related to the approval decision and click the "Approve" button to accept the applicant or transaction.


Reject a decision 

To reject a decision:

  1. Sign in to the Instnt dashboard and go to the "Transactions in Review" status tab.
  2. Enter the necessary details related to the reject decision and click the "Reject" button to accept the applicant or transaction.


Overwrite a decision 

To overwrite a decision:

  1. Sign in to the Instnt dashboard and go to the "Reject" status tab to access the list of transactions.
  2. Provide the required details for the overwrite decision, and then click on "Overwrite Decision" to approve the transaction.
  3. To finalize the transaction, click on the "Approve" button.

Export a Transaction

To export a transaction: 

  1. Sign in to the Instnt dashboard.
  2. Go to Transactions.
  3. Click the Download button near Justification-Summary.