Instnt Users and Permissions

When you sign up with Instnt, you can manually add users. The administrator for your organization can manage users at any time. This includes adding users, creating workflows, and submitting claims. You must have information for each user, such as their name and email address. 

Use your organization based account when you sign up with Instnt. For example, as an administrative account. If you have other people in your organization, you can add users and spread out responsibility for managing specific tasks. 

Types of user



Admin Permissions to add a new user with access to manage Transactions and Claims. Create managed read-only accounts. All access to Instnt features


Permissions to manage Transactions and Claims. Access is granted solely for reading admin Workflows and Webhooks


Permission to read configurations and Transactions 

Add a New User

You can create a new user and assign them permissions. To assign permissions, first, you need to add the new user and then set the permissions.

1. From the sidebar, go to Manage Users. 

2. Click Add New User to create a user.

3. Fill in the new user information, then click Save.

The newly created user will receive an email with the login information. Users can then go to the login page and sign in using their credentials. You can enable multi-factor authentication for login by toggling the Enable MFA button in the top right corner. 

Manage user 

If you have admin role, You can edit a user to change its permissions or name. 

  1. From the sidebar, go to Manage Users
  2. Select the from the Action section to edit the necessary changes.
  3. For read-only permissions, toggle Read Only button.
  4. You can enable multi-factor authentication for all organization users by toggling the Enable MFA button in the top right corner. 

User can view role statuses by navigating to the "User Profile Settings" section.

User Profile 

Individual users irrespective of their roles can go and edit their User Profile from top right corner fo the dashboard.