Intsnt Users and Permissions


Your initial signup with Instnt creates an administrative user for your enterprise which you can use to manage your account. This includes adding users, creating workflows, and submitting claims.

General practice is to use a service-based account for sign-up. Here is an example, as an administrative account. We recommend that each user owns separate accounts without sharing logins. 

Types of user



Admin The admin account created during initial signup to Instnt.  Can create and manage additional user accounts with different permissions for delegated management of workflows and transactions. And create managed read-only user accounts with permission to view configuration and transactions.


User account with the permission to create and manage workflows and transactions. 


Read-only users accounts with permission to view configuration and transactions.

Create a user 

You can create a new user and assign them permissions. To assign permissions, first, you need to add the new user and then set the permissions.

1. From the sidebar, go to Manage Users. 


Click Add New User to create a user.

2. Fill in the new user information, then click Save


The newly created user will receive an email with the login information. Users can then go to the login page and sign in using their credentials. You can enable multi-factor authentication for login by toggling the Enable MFA button in the top right corner.

Edit a user 

You can edit a user to change its permissions or name. 

  1. From the sidebar, go to Manage Users
  2. Select the from the Action section to edit the necessary changes.
  3. For read-only permissions, toggle Read Only button.

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